American Lunches

January 13, 2012

Unhealthy.  Unappetizing.  Unappealing.  American lunches. 

Is this what we want to put in our kids bodies?












School Lunches Around the World via Food Buzz

Most of the countries featured in this article serve a variety of appetizing and healthy lunches.  Ranging from greens to rice and beans to noodles, organic products and much more.  You scroll down the page and like what you see, that is until you get to the bottom of the article…and see the foods served in American lunches.  Low quality beef on chips, chocolate milk, Fritos-you get the picture.  The quality in American lunches was so much lower quality  and lower in health…come on America! Really?

School Lunches Around the World Gallery (source:



December 6, 2011

Welcome to our WHAT IS IN YOUR FOOD project about our investigation on the health of school lunches and possible healthy alternatives.  We will document our research and discoveries.  We are trying to really get deep and see exactly: …..what is in your food?