After checking the ingredients in the food served in all Fairfax County Public Schools here is what was found:

According to a list of ingredients of food served in FCPS we know what is in the food, what it is made out of and where FCPS gets its food.  There was a diverse  list of vendors (next to the foods), from household names such as Tyson products, to more unknown names like Hadley Farms.  Most of these vendors had pretty ordinary sites, with okay looking food especially the places serving things like muffins and bread, however, the suspicious thing for us was the meat vendors. The meat looks fine but think about this-where is the meat actually from?

There was a current report by animal protection extremist, PETA, accusing  two Tyson slaughterhouses of some pretty disturbing things.  There were reports of workers urinating on slaughterlines, ripping heads off live chickens, violently throwing birds at shackles and much more.  Tyson is a big vendor for FCPS, is this type of disgusting, and noncleanly form of slaughter reminiscent in our food, or if not should we support this? Also meat served in cafeteria’s are not organic, meaning they are processed and pumped with hormones.  These hormones can cause development and puberty earlier than natural. 


There is a video on the website above of footage from the Tyson Slaughter houses so if you have a strong enough stomach feel free to watch:)!